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You are ready to begin your journey towards becoming my slave.

Don't hold back, tell me EVERYTHING.


Understand that any information you share is considered strictly confidential and will never be shared.


Collect your balls and submit your application.


a: something given or contributed voluntarily as due or deserved; especially: a gift or service showing respect, gratitude, or affection


b: something (as material evidence or a formal attestation) that indicates the worth, virtue, or effectiveness of the one in question.

Have you ever served an online Domme and/or met with a Dominatrix in real time?
Miss Phillips

Located in


Call: 818-252-9892​

**Also, I require a non-refundable deposit to hold and confirm your appointment through Cashapp or Venmo. **

Los Angeles Dates

Jan 13th thru 15th

Jan 17th thru 21st


Las Vegas Dates

Jan 23rd thru the 27th



Jan 23rd thru 27th - Las Vegas, NV

Jan 31st thru Feb 4th - San Fran, CA

March 18th thru 2rd - Dallas, TX 

April 8th & 9th - Houston, TX

April 13th thru 16th - Chicago, IL

May 11th thru 14th - Miami, FL


May 19th thru 23rd - NJ & NYC

June 6th thru 8th - Philly, PA

June 27th thru 30th - Miami, FL

July 2nd & 3rd - Atlanta, GA 

July 5th & 6th - Boston, MA

Aug 8th thru 11th - Tampa, FL

Aug 22nd thru 24th - Dallas, TX

Sept 11th thru 13th - Denver, CO

Oct 3rd thru 6th - Tampa, FL

Oct 23rd thru 27th - New Jersey

Oct 28th thru 30th - NYC

Oct 31st thru Nov 5th - Philly, PA

Dec 5th thru 8th - DC

Do you have any interest in chastity?
Are you a cuckold?
Once you hit the submit button, an introductory tribute is required or your application will go unopened.

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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